Valentine’s Day for the Uninitiated

It’s here–the dreaded Valentine’s Day.  A day when men across the country realize just how clueless they are at actually trying to make a woman feel special.  How hard could it be, right?

Step 1:   Cards, flowers, chocolates, dinner, and stuffed animals.
Step 2:  ?????
Step 3:  Get laid.

Was this your plan?  If so, then let’s come back down to reality:

As the week closes in on the 14th, the pressure becomes unbearable.


We spend quite a bit of this time trying to understand the logic behind it all…


Life ceases to make sense.  It’s as if everything that we had thought was given to us has now been unjustly taken away.


We spend so much time cursing the holiday Gods that it isn’t long before the day finally comes and we realize that we already fucked up.  We are pleased to learn that we are not alone.  Seriously, who buys cards early?


Thankfully, some people out there exist to lift our spirits…


Thank you IKEA.  You always were so practical.
Others… just want to see the world burn…


Yeah, it can get pretty overwhelming.  Sometimes it’s better to rely on those people in our lives who can manage to put it all into perspective.  


Happy Valentine’s Day.  It may be your last…


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