Meteorite crash in Russia: Video of meteorite explosion that stirred panic

This might be one of the nuttiest videos I’ve seen recently… Imagine you are on your way to work going through your daily motions, when all of a sudden you see what only can be described as Thor’s Hammer hurdling through the sky. You are absolutely helpless to what kind of destruction lies at the end of this ball of fire’s path. Who will feel the repercussions from this blast? How the fuck was no one notified and cleared out of that area? 400+ people were killed by the impact of this meteorite.

Apparently there are more and more asteroids of epic size flying by earth on a yearly basis. Say one of these huge fuckers changes course and hits Earth. The impact will undoubtedly end millions of lives. Will our government/news channels publicize the eminent death of these people or will they keep it under wraps to prevent mass hysteria? I’d like to hope I won’t be around long enough to witness an event like this but if it should happen, I’ll be at the closest beach with shades on trying to get the most epic bronzing of my life.


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