The Future of 3D Printing

Damn technology you scary as hell! I was recently informed by a co-worker that he was in the market for a 3D printer… Right off the bat I blew him off thinking that this was an elaborate troll and he was leading me on to some sort of “Back to the Future” themed technology that wasn’t even imaginable. Oh how very wrong I was, after doing a little bit of research I’ve come to realize that these devices are in fact REAL and are actually more available than I thought.

Within the next couple of years we will be introduced to a new type of consumer market, one that most companies will try and put a muzzle on just as the music industry did with digital music.

Remember Napster? Remember how one of the biggest bands in the world [Metallica] tried to put a choke hold on digital media? The music industry had no other choice but to adapt to the rise of technology which spawned ITunes and other digital media distribution companies.

How will companies adapt to to the advancement of 3D printing? This is a shitty/quick example but have you ever lost a button off of one your favorite dress shirts? What’s the only possible thing you could do to redeem the quality of that piece of clothing? Up until now the only possible solution for your button-less shirt would be to call the manufacturer or buy a new shirt, which in turn created profit for the company. With a 3D printer you could have this shirt back to full functionality with a few measurements, the click of a mouse and some thread.

I can’t wait to see what type of chaos this causes when they make 3D printing affordable to the average end user. How will they control what people are printing? Fuck the ban on buying guns.. soon enough people will have the ability to print fully automatic guns, tanks, RPG’s or whatever other kind of craziness they want. Good luck regulating that shit.

The possibilities for this new technology are really endless, MIT Scientists are projecting that within the next 10-20 years they will be able to use biologic material to print human tissue/organs. Get your mind blown and check out the video above and watch how they are able to take a sonogram and print the fetus inside of the mother’s womb.



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